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Traditions Management

Traditions Management develops and operates a series of private pay, assisted living communities that offer a continuum of care—from independent living to assisted living and memory care—throughout the Midwest. As the agency of record, we provide local custom web strategy, custom web site design, reputation management, SEO and SEM for each of their more than 19 communities in each of their markets.

This managed Web strategy was created for building customized solutions without a customized price tag for each property. Traditions Management needed a family of websites, but needed a custom feel for each location. Effective AND efficient options for this business situation were hard to find. We developed a custom design for all the sites with several customization areas for each community. This direction allowed each community to keep their unique URL and to leverage the advantages of economies of scale for SEO, budget and development purposes—without devolving into a single template for each property.


By approaching this multi-property strategy as a series of sites, Traditions Management is able to leverage the SEO benefits. Instead of wasting the opportunity to have all traffic go to a central site, these 19 sites are able to help support each other. A geographically-specific SEO playbook was developed for each community. On the SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING side, we are able to test marketing messaging and use best practices and success stories to share amongst the independently-owned properties.



Custom Design

Each community received custom photography, content and custom landing pages to help create THEIR site. While much of the design structure and functionality was leveraged though the original custom design, each property had their opportunities to shine. These custom aspects helped localize the business development process.

Custom Lead Gen

Each custom site improved lead generation. From better, localized SEO / SEM efforts, through the sorting of leads generation to work with their custom CRM system, every aspect was optimized. Each property was able to automate the process and sort the contacts to the best party.

Management and Maintenance

Building the new sites was crucial, but – much like a race car needs fuel, The Momentum Group is retained to ensure the project is operating at optimal levels. From ensuring technical, marketing and performance upgrades are made, we stay involved on a monthly basis to help shape the sites to bend toward the target audiences over time. As the industry changes, our strategy should be refined. As security threats occur, The Momentum Group is on watch to prevent and mediate issues. As better standards for performance become available, the client can use these new practices to their advantages as quickly as possible.

Our Work >> Traditions Management

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