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Brand Development and Management

Our branding clients range from industry leaders to entrepreneurial start-ups. But no matter. From conception onward, a brand must reflect a client’s image. All brands have unique requirements at different points in their life. We’re there at each important milestone: We lay the strategic foundation and design, ensuring that target audiences become followers of your brand. We craft the tools that increase the brand’s value. And we design effective and creative messaging that extends its reach.

When we do this over time, with great care and collaboration, our clients enjoy a meaningful connection with customers.


Whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, the campaigns we develop always work to position and elevate the brand—creating committed relationships between brands and targeted audiences. No matter the vehicle, whether it’s print, digital, outdoor, video-TV, radio, interactive/social media, public relations or a mix of media, the work is smart, clear, measured and allows the targeted audience to establish an important relationship with a company’s products and services.

Online and Digital Marketing

The technology that helps us to advance brand experiences is evolving at a rapid pace. Our integrated e-marketing team develops integrated programs that feature blogs, website content, design and programming, viral promotions and social media. We also develop search engine optimization (SEO) and ambient media—all with a focused eye on supporting the brand—whether working on their own or in tandem with comprehensive advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns or with experiential marketing.


There is no better way to tell your story. Whether TV commercials, brand anthem programming, documentaries or web video production, The Momentum Group is a one-stop shop, providing full-service solutions including development and production. From script to screen, our agency is set up to deliver compelling full-scale film and video programs, not only for broadcast and traditional distribution, but also for digital experiences online.


Print is not dead. And never will be. Print gives customers and prospects the ability to hold and feel the message you’re presenting them, creating tactile memories associated with your product or brand and complimenting digital messaging.

When developed with impacting imagery and engaging sequential content, print provides the reader with a level of consideration not found in our current digitized world.

Be it product packaging, brochures, point-of-sale, annual reports, strategic direct response posters, or other sales support collateral, print has the unique ability to impact more of your customer’s senses.

Media strategy, placement and measurement

At The Momentum Group, we believe that media, when managed strategically, acts as the essential element that tests messages and measures the immediate effects of advertising on sales. But we don’t jump on media trends unless the data supports it. Our media team is careful to identify customer demographics, geographic coverage, buying data, historic client and competitor advertising activities.

It all comes together to provide clients with a tactical media plan that enjoys strong negotiation power for cost-effective rates along with recommended opportunities and unique value-added options to maximize the message distribution.

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